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BRAND ON THE INSIDE Strategic Consulting

Brand building is every employee’s job regardless of the size of the company or organization. The problem is far too many organizations fail to capitalize on the power that comes from linking employees’ actions with the overall brand strategy of the organization in a way that pays off for customers.

There is an answer. It’s called Strategic Brand Management—The Brand on the Inside.

Brands are experiential. Before customers commit their brand loyalty, they want to see and feel the commitment behind the brand. Thus, an organization’s human resources become the most powerful brand building weapon.

If your organization is wrestling with any of these issues, contact us and we’ll show you how to unleash the brand-building power of your organization in a manner that drives performance like nothing else.

  • Achieving an acceptable level of growth in a challenging  economic climate

  • Employee Engagement

  • Team Development
    -Senior Leadership Teams
    -Customer Service Teams
    -Innovation, Research and Development Teams
    -Process Teams

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Business Transitions

  • Sales Training

  • Clear direction for customer relationship development

  • Developing an underlying architecture for all marketing communications activities

  • Business Strategy

  • Competitive positioning

Mike Lane, Senior Brand Strategy Consultant

Your organization will benefit from Mike’s vast experience in corporate sales, marketing and consulting.  In his 30-plus years as a corporate executive, Mike led his organization in achieving $500 million in revenue to nearly 16,000 customers across North America and Asia. Mike can bring the very latest in internal brand building processes to your organization.


Contact us and we’ll show you how to unleash the potential of “The Brand on the Inside” of your organization!



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